Special assistant service

Kurumoch International Airport offers passengers with disabilities personal assistance intheterminal, during boarding orunloading from theplain. Wewill trytomake your staying attheairport ascomfortable aspossible. Providing services arefree ofcharge.

Preparing for the trip

Passengers with disabilities and other persons with limited ability should inform the airline, tour operator or travel agent of particular need at the time of booking about their disability or mobility difficulties, weight and other characteristics of individual vehicles (including information about batteries in it) carried on board of the plain.

Please note that the decision of acception for carriage passengers with reduced mobility adopted by the airline on the basis of medical opinion and taking into account several factors: the state of health of passengers, restrictions on the number of special categories of passengers on the flight, the possibility of providing special equipment during the flight.

For more information about the rules of air passengers with disabilities passengers can obtain from the airline you prefer.

Before the flight

If you do not notify the airline of special needs, you can always contact us and report them to the airport on the phone: +7 (846) 966-51-82 (round the clock) or E-mail: adminsopp@uwww.aero

Before leaving to the airport, please check whether all the documents required in the journey, you have brought.


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Accordance with article 15 of Law 181 on the entire territory of the airport parking complex there are benefits for people with disabilities.

At the entrance to the airport parking, on the second line of the airport parking there are special places for transport for people with disabilities. Follow in the parking spot marked with a special sign.

When leaving the parking lot, pass your data invalid license and the certificate of registration of the car you drive at the information desk situated at 1st floor in the terminal. Then you can continue to travel freely.

Phone for talking with the parking operator (around the clock):+7 (846) 966-50-15.

Phone for communication with airport information desk (free): +7 (846) 966-51-82.

The scheme of movement of transport at International airport Kurumoch

The terminal

At the entrances of the terminal, there are racks with a button for calling help on the territory of the airport complex.

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Inside the terminal located telephones, which you can also contact the help center to passengers with disabilities.

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If it is necessary, the airport provides passenger a wheelchair for movement in and outside the terminal and to the aircraft cabin. For having a wheelchair you should refer to the help center or to the information desk.

You can see call racks, telephones for communication, information bar location, the place where you can get a wheelchairs on the photos.

For passengers who require medical assistance there is an opportunity to go through all pre-flight formalities at a medical center, located on the 1st floor of the airport, then you will be brought to the plane in a special car. If it is necessary, you can get a support of a high qualified doctors.

After check-in waiting for departure, you can spend time in the recreation room, located on the 3rd floor not far of the entrance to the pre-flight inspection area.

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The room is equipped with a call button personnel and medical couch. The Lounge offers:

* Free Wi-Fi access;

* Comfortable TV area;

* Departure flight information

Passengers with disabilities who have checked-in can use this room.

Services are provided free of charge. To use the services of the hall, contact the information desk or to the agent during check-in.

Check- in and baggage service

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Free baggage allowance and its dimensions on the board of the plane are rated by the airline company.

Restrictions on the transport of individual vehicles on board of the aircraft as carry-on baggage or checked baggage is rated by the airline.

Passengers using a wheelchair with an electric drive are required to be in possession of a set of keys / devices to disconnect the battery terminals of the wheelchair, as well as packaging for the battery in accordance with the Technical Instructions for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air ICAO. Detaching and attaching the battery terminals of the wheelchair with electric actuator carried by passengers on their own or at the request of the need for the service - airport employee.

For passengers arriving at the airport Kurumoch

At check-in, departing to Kurumoch Airport you should necessarily tell what special services and assistance you will need at the airport upon arrival. If you pre-registered on the flight yourself using mobile check-in or self-registration kiosk in the airport, ask at check-in desk at the departing to mark all the services you need at the arriving airport.

On arrival at Kurumoch Airport you will be assisted during the unloading from the plane, getting you baggage and, if it is necessary, accompanied to road transport. In accordance with the regulations of Civil Aviation, assistance in getting off the aircraft will be provided to you at the end of the landing of passengers.

Contact Information

+7 (846) 966-51-82 (around theclock) -Information ontheprovision ofservices attheairport forpassengers with disabilities andother persons with disabilities, accepting applications forservice;

+7 (846) 966-50-42 (around theclock) -Information onmedical support andregistration oftherelevant documents;

+7 (846) 966-50-15 (around theclock) -information onparking services.


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  3. Federal Aviation Regulations General rules forairtransport ofpassengers, baggage, cargo andpassenger service requirements, shippers, consignees (approved bytheOrder Ministry ofTransport oftheRussian Federation 82from 28.06.07).
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